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Tree Service

Trees are the most valuable landscape asset. Phoenix Tree and landscape certified tree division is committed to maintaining those assets by providing you with professional tree management

Phoenix Tree and Landscape offers professional tree services for a variety of commercial properties in the valley.

Tree Service We are dedicated to helping our clients manage and maintain the value of their trees and landscape assets. Whether our commercial clients are looking to make a positive impression for their customers, provide a better working environment for their employees, or enhance curb appeal through tree shaping or tree trimming services, professional tree experts and arborists from Phoenix Tree and Landscape can help ensure that your plants and commercial grounds are well maintained and assessed for safety. We make sure to follow up on our work regularly and care for each plant and property as if it were our own. The professionals working in our team are qualified to provide tree services and maintenance according to the standards set forth by ANSI (American National Standards Institute).

Our specific services include:

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Two of the benchmarks of commercial grounds maintenance is tree pruning and tree trimming. Not only do trees that have been properly pruned and trimmed look better and live longer, but they also give a good impression on the beauty and safety of your commercial property.

Seasonal Planting

Phoenix Tree and Landscape can help commercial clients select, plant, and care for seasonal plants and trees to preserve the beauty of their property all year round. For our seasonal planting services, we make sure to choose only the best and most suitable species for your location and climate to enable you to enjoy lush, visually appealing commercial grounds and landscaping for years to come.

Tree Shaping

We can carefully control and trim branches and leaves to very definite lines or maintain a more loose and natural shape for your trees and shrubs. Whichever option you prefer, Phoenix Tree and Landscape will make sure that your trees and plants remain beautiful and maintain their shape as they grow naturally.

Tree Removal

Removing trees is sometimes necessary to maintain the safety and protection of people, structures, and other plants in a commercial property. Phoenix Tree and Landscape will conduct a thorough inspection of your grounds and determine which trees need to be removed, relocated, or replaced with healthier plants.

Tree Stump Grinding

Stumps from recently moved or cut trees may be unsightly and can get in the way of new planting and construction. Phoenix Tree and Landscape can recommend and provide tree stump grinding immediately after tree removal or we can be called upon to take care of old stumps to improve the look of your commercial grounds.

Tree Maintenance & Tree Removal Service

It takes more than a ladder and a saw to be an arborist. That’s why the Tree Division at Phoenix Tree and Landscape includes only professionals who are qualified according to the standards set forth by ANSI (American National Standards Institute). Our tree removal service and tree maintenance service is supervised by a qualified arborist who ensures everything we do promotes the health and longevity of your trees and prevents the stress and disease that can result from improper pruning.

To keep your property looking as attractive as possible, you need to have your trees maintained and trimmed into shape. Aside from making your home or commercial space look more visually appealing, tree services such as pruning can be used to remove dead or very long branches that can pose serious hazards. Don’t try to take matters into your own hands. Cutting down a tree, pruning, and stump grinding are tree services that are best left to the professionals. It might cost extra to hire a professional service on the onset, but imagine how much more it would cost to rent equipment and hire an arborist after you fail to remove the tree successfully.

Specific Services:

Tree Service
  • certified arborist on every tree crew
  • GIS/GPS mapping and inventory of all trees
  • tree management planning
  • trimming, thinning and crown reduction
  • tree removal and stump grinding
  • tree replacement
  • palm tree trimming
  • deep root fertilization
  • emergency storm damage clean up
  • olive tree spraying
  • tree health management

Tree removal service professionals and arborists do a lot of highly technical work to maintain the health and longevity of the trees in your property. Choose an established company like Phoenix Tree and Landscape, which employs qualified professionals that meet industry demands and standards. When it comes to serving our residential and commercial customers in the valley, our tree removal service is affordable, safe, and guaranteed to improve the visual appeal of your property. Since it was established in 1997, Phoenix Tree and Landscape has worked hard to deliver professional tree removal service and maintenance with reliable and responsive customer care.